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Elements of Proposed OpenWorld Ecosystem

OpenWorld is in Alpha Phase development, seeking crowdsourced input for a new breed of lightly algorithmically-policed, 100% opted-in organic reach networking platform. OpenWorld will be an Open Source-based professional networking, publishing, collaboration, communication, community management with Subject Matter Expert Q&A Forums and content-sharing concept. The introductory Landing Page is being modified as you read, to incorporate a detailed mission statement and a fuller explanation of planned structure and planned future actions. There will also be a facility for prospective alpha/beta testers and general users to sign up and receive updates on development and progress to full launch, with a built-in site visitor feedback channel. In the meantime, please feel free to submit your comments, reactions, suggestions, observations, hopes and aspirations for OpenWorld here.


OpenWorld (OW) Open Source Collaborative Professional Networking embodies a concept whose time has come.

OW is dedicated to enabling and supporting 100% organic online networking, transparent operation, and collaborative development and management.

OW speaks to those who are weary of having their networking efforts canceled out by arbitrary algorithmic controls shaped by private, undisclosed objectives.

OW does not seek to compete with other social media platforms, professionally-oriented or otherwise, but instead is working to establish portals for the content native to other platforms to be shared on and distributed via OW’s developing broad-based networks.

OW members and users will be able to share posts created on other platforms or on their own blog or websites into the OW networks, where distribution within its network will be controlled by the personal elections made by its members and users.

OW is being structured as a group of Regional Nodes connected to one another and to a hub, OW Central. The Regional Nodes serve as the communications portals for members and users, who can connect with one another across the platform via the network of Regional Nodes or via the central OW hub.

Each Regional Node (RN) also serves as a portal to a Local Enterprise Center (LEC), which is effectively a networking space for authorized private, for-profit providers of consulting and other expert services (and possibly, appropriate goods) and the potential consumers of those services (and goods).

Each LEC will, in turn, be structured in accordance with the specific needs and interests of the regional market of its paired Regional Node. Thus, the LECs may differ from one another in nature and internal structure, but will available to all members and users via the overall OW network.

The platform’s central hub will be home to OW’s Digital Content Distribution (DCD) network.

However, a native publishing facility will not be employed. Rather, OW will share content created on other platforms via its own network to OW members and users, according to the preferences set by respectively each member or user.

The OW central hub will also serve as an aggregator for RSS or similar feeds together and distribute notices and links to members and users, again, according to the preferences set respectively by each recipient.

OW Central will host profession-and-industry-specific groups, which will be owned and managed by members on their own initiative. The groups will be equipped with the tools necessary to effectively grow and manage them in accordance respectively with each group’s statement of mission and rules.

OWCentral is basically a non-profit organization. It is being developed and launched collaboratively by an international group of dedicated and expert Anchor Stakeholders.

OW will not monetize member data or information, neither by selling, nor by selling access to that data or by selling lead generation. Because membership data will not be monetized, there will not be a need to restrict access to the platform, nor to game members to keep them solely on the OW platform. Therefore, links to good external sites and platforms will be developed and their use encouraged in spirit of open collaboration.

Looking for true affinity networking? Genuine organic reach for your writings and postings? Opportunities to brand and market your B2B or even B2C services and goods? Syndication of your blogging to a broad audience, whileretaining full control of your content? Selling a B2C product or products? Publishing and hosting a STEM forum or chat space?

We invite you to Investigate the OW initiative, which is taking concrete steps to create an international collaborative platform for open and transparent, member-centric professional networking.

During this formative period, you have the opportunity potentially to affect the direction of development.

So sign up to follow our progress and provide suggestions and feedback by email.

We thank you for you interest and will appreciate your input.

The OpenWorld Stakeholder Steering Group

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